Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 1, March 11, 7:40pm-Earthquake in Japan--we are ok

Many of you receiving this will wake up to the news of a major earthquake in Japan, with a number of tsunami occurring after it. All of us are ok. We had some dishes fall out of the cupboard and break and a number of other items fell off of shelves, but no major damage. Jan was the only one home at the time so it was quite traumatic for her as the house shook and she could hear things crashing.

As I watch the news now there is dramatic footage of tsunami and fires at an oil refinery, as we just felt another aftershock.

As far as we know all OMF personnel are OK. The earthquake epicenter was at an area where we have three families working.

There is no way at this point to know of the damage, but no doubt the tsunamis have taken many lives. The news just mentioned "a whole village washed away" by the tsunami.

We appreciate your prayers for Japan at this time. May the Christians and churches in the affected areas be a refuge and a help, and may many Japanese turn to our only hope of security at this difficult and (for some) tragic time.

with Jan, Stephen and Ian

P.S. This earthquake is quite likely an aftershock of an earthquake in the same area Wednesday. Because of that, the school where the boys attend held an earthquake drill just yesterday!

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