Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 10, March 20: Rescued! "Too late to start over."

Today was another day of joys and sorrows, as many days have been since the earthquake. The news told of an 80 year old woman and her 16 year old grandson rescued after 9 days trapped in their destroyed house. They survived by eating food left in the refrigerator.

Another article told the story of a 75-year old barber whose shop disappeared along with the rest of the town. "“Young people would think, ‘Maybe there’s another way,’ ” he said last week as he sprawled with 1,600 other refugees in a chilly local sports arena. “But I’m too old. My legs have problems. “It’s too late to start over.”"

This evening CRASH Japan held an informational meeting for those interested in ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of both relief volunteers and those needing relief. The response was overwhelming: About 200 people showed up, Japanese and ex patriots. 

Long after the water and blankets and food is distributed, CRASH Japan intends to be there working along side the Japanese church ministering to both the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those affected by this disaster.

Tomorrow we start again with an impossible task. Impossible, that is, without God. But "all things are possible with God."

Please keep praying.

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