Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 15, March 25: "80 people evacuated, only 3 survived"

A number of reports on television and articles in the newspaper have been examining Japan's preparedness for earthquakes and tsunami. In one village there were 10 designated evacuation buildings, and 7 of them were washed away. A man and his wife evacuated to a gymnasium 1km from the shore, and soon found themselves swept up in the wave. He bumped into something and realized it was the steel ceiling beam, probably 50 feet off the ground, so he held on. He was one of only 3 people who survived there, out of 80 people, including his wife.

Other reports have made it clear that there was simply no way to adequately prepare for a tsunami of the size and power that was generated by the massive earthquake. Although Japan is well acquainted with earthquakes and tsunami, no one could imagine the waves that came.

Others that survived did so by relocating from designated evacuation centers to higher ground.

There are thousands of such stories, as the death toll is over 10,000, and the number of missing at 17,000. CRASH Japan is preparing to go to the affected communities and to be there long after the urgent relief efforts have finished. People who have lost so much need hope, and Jesus Christ is the Hope of the world.

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