Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 16, March 26: “PEOPLE CAN LIVE AGAIN”-Congressman Doi

It was another busy day in the CRASH Japan command center. Each day we make more progress in establishing bases in the areas most affected by the triple calamity, from which volunteers will be able to work with and through local churches to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We also continue to send assessment and relief teams to hard hit areas.
You can find photos of the CRASH Japan command center here (it is also a Facebook page, and yes, I'm in some of them!).
There are many stories coming out of the tragedy, some very sad, some encouraging, some a mixture of the two. I would also like to provide links to multimedia related to the disaster.
  • Samaritan's Purse has a moving video of Japanese Congressman Ryuichi Doi surveying the damage in Sendai.
  • There is a well done presentation of the disaster here (Facebook).
  • Read an inspiring story of how villagers cut off from the outside worked together to survive the disaster.
  • Although the damage in the Tokyo area was minor compared with other hard hit areas, many areas that are built on reclaimed land suffered a phenomenon called liquefaction, where the shaking of the ground forces the water in the ground up and out. Some of affected most are not far from the OMF Headquarters in Ichikawa, Chiba.

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