Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 3, March 13, 10:30pm--Earthquake update #3 from Thompsons

Dear Friends and Family,

We are grateful for your ongoing prayers for the people of Japan. The full extent of the incredible damage is unfolding hour by hour. New issues such as the nuclear reactor continue to cause concern.

This update will be short as it is already 10:30pm and it's been a long day. So, just two matters:

  1. I have been asked to join the leadership team of CRASH Japan, which is coordinating the efforts of Christian volunteers in Japan, as their Volunteer Coordinators Team Leader. This will draw heavily on my 10 years of experience coordinating the short-term ministries of OMF in Japan. We had our first meeting today (Sunday afternoon), and start our work in earnest at 9am tomorrow morning. The task is overwhelming, and we need your prayers!
  2. Starting tomorrow the electric company will begin rolling blackouts in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. The shut-down of two nuclear reactors means they cannot meet the demand at present. Each blackout will last 3 hours, but we don't yet know if or when our area will be affected. If we lose our power we will also lose our telephone and internet access, so if you try to reach us you might need to wait a while for a reply. As I write this loudspeakers in our neighborhood are making announcements about the power outages, but it is difficult for us to make out what they are saying!

The boys' school has the day off tomorrow as the school reviews their disaster preparedness.

Blessings on your Sunday!

with Jan, Stephen and Ian

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