Friday, March 18, 2011

Disaster field reports: "It's worse than you've seen on TV."

Two OMF missionaries from unaffected areas of Tohoku went out as an advance team to explore the needs in areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. We are hoping this will provide the necessary information we need to set up a CRASH relief base for future work in the area. When asked how the area looked, they said  "It's worse than you've seen on TV. People near the coast have a dazed look on their face." "We visited a church near the coast that had been spared by the wave by 15 feet. This small group of 12 had considered closing the church, but now feel that God has a purpose for them: To help those suffering from this calamity."

A CRASH volunteer also led an advance team from Operation Blessing to an affected area near Sendai. They produced several videos of the situation in the area:

The evening news told of many people in shelters and in their homes without basic necessities and necessary medicine. Relief supplies from the government are starting to arrive, but not fast enough.

The CRASH relief effort will seek to find the lost, the least and the left behind. And we seek to serve those who are suffering through the local church in the name of the Lord.

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