Saturday, March 26, 2011

"God In the Rubble -- What I Saw In Northern Japan"

Fox News interviewed a CRASH Japan volunteer who visited hard hit areas just days after the disaster: 
"God In the Rubble -- What I Saw In Northern Japan"

"I’ll never know why, but in one huge pile of debris I pulled out a broken wooden board you can see in a picture and painted on it in Japanese kanji was “Shu wa waga....” in English, “The Lord is my Way” including the unfinished kanji at the end. Japan just doesn’t have signs like that, let alone the one in a million chance of finding the broken piece in the piles and piles of devastation. I am convinced it is a message from God for the people of Japan."
When I first saw and held this piece of wood, I thought "How interesting that the last word is not visible. We think the last word was probably "way", but all we can actually see is 'The Lord is my...'"

Perhaps God wants me/us to fill in the missing word.

  • The Lord is my rock.
  • The Lord is my salvation.
  • The Lord is my light.
  • The Lord is my strength.
  • The Lord is my song.
  • The Lord is my portion.
  • The Lord is my... (fill in a word for yourself)
This is the message we need to take to thousands of hurting Japanese in the coming weeks and months.

Pray for us, please.

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