Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan's Triple Calamity: Human tragedy overshadowed by nuclear fears

Photo: NY Times
Japan has experienced a triple calamity: First the massive earthquake—largest ever in Japan and 4th largest known in the world, then an unprecedented tsunami, and finally the leak of radiation from the Fukushima power plant. We can understand the uncertainty and fear that accompanies a nuclear accident, but the news about it has completely overshadowed the ongoing human tragedy from the earthquake and tsunami.

More than 9000 dead, 14,000 missing, 300,000 people in shelters. Multitudes of people with no home to return to. The government estimates it will take 5 years to recover from this disaster. Those who have left for other parts of Japan to stay with relatives or friends may never return. 

I think it would be safe to say that millions of people have been traumatized by this event. Who will listen to their stories? Who will pray with them? Who will help them get their lives back together? The Japanese government is doing a pretty good job of getting needed supplies to evacuation centers. But who will take hope?

We who know the Hope of the world can be there. Please continue to pray for Japanese Christians, missionaries and other Christians in Japan as we seek to minister in the name of the Lord. See the CRASH Japan website for updates on the relief and recovery work.

The world news outlets have moved on, but the tragedy continues. Please keep spreading the word to your friends and your church.

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